Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fourth CIS Top Ten Rankings of 2010-2011

With four weeks complete in the AUS, the CIS has released the fourth Top 10 Rankings of the year. The top three teams remain the same, but the Redmen and the V-Reds each have seven votes for first, while The Golden Bears only got four. Saint Mary's remains in the top ten, dropping to sixth, while StFX has dropped to 11th, and UPEI surging up to eighth.

Here's how the rankings look in the fourth media poll.

(Regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (last week)

1. Alberta (7-1-0) / 163 (4) / (1)
2. McGill (10-0-0) / 161 (7) / (2)
3. UNB (7-1-0) / 159 (7) / (3)
4. Western Ontario (8-0-1) / 126 / (5)
5. Manitoba (5-2-1) / 95 / (8)
6. Saint Mary's (3-3-0) / 50 / (4)
7. Saskatchewan (4-4-0) / 45 / (7)
8. UPEI (5-3-0) / 43 / (NR)
9. Carleton (7-1-2) / 42 / (10)
10. Calgary (5-4-1) / 37 / (9)

Other teams receiving votes: StFX (34), Concordia (23), Guelph (5), Acadia (4), UQTR (2), Lakehead (1).

The full top ten story can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Just makes you want to bang your skull against a brick wall

David Kilfoil said...

Alberta is obviously almost every voters #2 rank, and came up through the middle again, as McGill and UNB each received seven #1 votes.

At least there are only three OUA teams this week in the top 10 - I only had two on my ballot.

Anonymous said...

What's the story with McGill? Do they have some history as a good program?

- Carl

Eric said...

McGill's road trip to SFX and UNB, over Christmas, is looming large. Probably an easy win for UNB as it will be McGill's 3rd in 3 nights. If they go 0-3, I don't think a 26-0 record is going to mean much against a bunch of 'C' teams.

Certainly a text book example of split voting resulting in #2 coming up the middle.
Kind of sad though, 7 people think you're #1 and the rest think you are #3.

Eric said...

McGill does have a strong program for OUA-East, but they do not have a CIS Title and the caliber of play in the OUA-East is low (very low compared to the AUS, and the rest of the country for that matter). Queen's, RMC, Ryerson and Concordia are not top hockey schools (imagine having two STUs and DALs - 8 easy wins).

They have advanced to a number of CIS tournaments lately, mainly on the strength of winning a single elimination OUA Queen's Cup game (as the OUA always sends two teams). As long as you are good enough to get to the Queen's Cup Semi's you have a 50/50 chance of getting to Nationals.

They have not fared well at the University Cup because they have not played teams of this caliber during the year.

In the end, not a real issue until seeding for Nationals. Just goes to show that a lot of voters don't necessary give you predictable results.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Off topic but can someone in the "know" give us a injury update? Are the rumours about Shutron being back on the ice already true? Is Todd really trying to get back sometime in the second half? What is going on with Procyshen? How long are Campbell and Gallant out for? And what's up with Keranen...injured or just a victim of the numbers game? Thanks.

Ughh that's a long list...

David Kilfoil said...

Kernanen is a numbers game. I talked to him today and he feels his conditioning is getting better.

Luke Gallant told me he goes for surgery tomorrow for his broken right hand, and expects to wear a splint for five or six weeks, so look for him after Christmas.

I don't know about Shutron skating, but saw him today after a workout in the gym. He seems confident he'll be back this season.

When I talked to Procyshen two weeks ago he was still getting head aches and looking to talk to another specialist. Not sure how that went.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Shutron, besides being amazed myself seeing him in person walking around, standing talking to people casualy without crutches, I overheard in the smoking section, from a Father of a player on the team, that he was actually on the Ice skating last week.

Thats not saying he was practicing, but eve putting on a pair of skates and making the motions, is a miracle itself at this time. The next comment I heard was that the doctor said it was credited to his conditioning and shape hes in. Wich you can of course credit, the UNB team and Ken for the training they put their players through and maintain

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Yeah, I thought it looked like he was walking pretty decently when he went out to accept his award prior to the game on Saturday.

I think we can all agree that athletes at this level aren't like the rest of us 'average joes' so it doesn't overly surprise me to see some of these guys recovering faster than normal.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

As mentioned over at HFBoards...there is a good article in this week's Brunswickan about the keys to success in the CIS, featuring quotes from MacDougall/Thurston/Stienburg.


Anonymous said...

What will UNB do on deffence if you take Gallant out of the equation?

David Kilfoil said...

Wright, Stamler, Harty, Corcoron, Hepditch, Kidd. That's 6 d-men.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Yeah, they essentially just replaced Gallant with Wright...same number of d-men as before...