Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Half Review

In today's Daily Gleaner, Bruce Hallihan takes a look back at the first half of the AUS season and manages to get a few words from Coach MacDougall.  No real surprise, the impact of long-term injuries to some key players are mentioned.

With that, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the first half.  Injuries have dominated the news at UNB but there's been a few positives.  This year's goaltending duo seems to have taken a step forward from last season, Chris Culligan has taken his game to another level, and guys like Dion Campbell and Josh Hepditch have stepped into bigger roles on the team.  How would you rate the first half and what do you think the team needs to focus on moving forward?

Edit:  And for those who missed it, there's a short video of the play that lead to Hunter Tremblay's points record.


David Kilfoil said...

Gardiner MacDougall continues to say that he isn't planning to bring anyone in over the break, and that he just wants a few of his injured six guys back. Josh Kidd (leg) and Jeff Lee (knee) will probably be back for McGill. Luke Gallant (broken finger) sometime after that and no ETA for Prosychen (post concussion symptoms), Todd (shoulder) or Shutron (broken femur).

Anonymous said...

With the news of Todd undergoing shoulder surgery in January in today's Gleaner I assume he won't be back until the start of next season...

archie jones said...

The expected return of Jeff Lee and Luke Gallant will certainly give the Reds an immediate boost.

Our power play has certainly missed Luke on the point but the high number of blocked shots reminds me of the playoff series against X last year. I would love to see some new wrinkles in the new year to prevent teams from clogging up the front of the net to block so many shots.

With Jeff Lee back and Dion healthy again hopefully their line will recapture their early season scoring success and give the team a more balanced attack.

I think that getting the scoring record behind the team might really help the Tremblay, Culligan, (?) line and the team relax in some way.

The return of any other players will be a huge bonus for the team!