Wednesday, December 22, 2010

V-Reds On The Mend, Tickets for McGill, Providence

With 6 pretty good players out of the lineup due to injuries, the mid-season break couldn't come soon enough for the Varsity Reds.  Fortunately, it's looking like the team's luck has improved.  In today's Daily Gleaner, Bill Hunt writes about the expected return of Luke Gallant, Jeff Lee, and Josh Kidd to the lineup sometime during the three exhibition games scheduled over the break.

Fans remain optimistic that Ben Shutron will make it back in time for the playoffs, which would see UNB potentially adding two of the team's conference's nation's top scoring defencemen to the lineup.

Switching gears, don't forget that your season tickets won't get you into the Pete Kelly tournament games vs. Providence, so you'll have to buy a ticket for this special series.  Good news is that buying a ticket to both games earns you a free ticket to the McGill game as well!

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