Friday, January 14, 2011

Boyce Continues To Contribute To Leafs

Darryl Boyce picked up another assist in Toronto's loss last night.  With 2 goals, 3 assists in 8 games, Boyce continues to contribute to the Leafs.  In today's Daily Gleaner, Bill Hunt took a look at some dollars and cents of Boyce's latest trip to the NHL.

We decided we'd do our own numbers checking out of curiousity.  This blogger's favourite NHL team is the train-wreck that has become the Ottawa Senators.  Boyce's points-per-game pace of .625 would tie Jason Spezza for the lead on the Senators.  That's more than Daniel Alfredsson, and Alex Kovalev.  Kovalev earns a paltry $5 million for his production.  That'd buy a lot of Darryl Boyces.

Here's a link to a Darryl Boyce interview from Thursday where he has a few kinds words to say about UNB.

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Anonymous said...

thats awsome.its just so great to watch someone like boyce that really has worked his ass off to get to where he is today.not taking away from all the rest of the guys but its different when you accually watch them move up through the ranks and play in the NHL.keep up the great play Daryle,you deserve to be there bud.enjoyed watching you every game when you were here and where you are not a leafs fan but i find myself watching leafs games now just to watch you play.