Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CIS Men's Top Ten (#11): UNB still sits on top

For the third week in a row, the UNB V-Reds (17-4-0) were voted #1, receiving 16 of 18 first place votes. McGill (21-0-2) comes in at #2 again, receiving the other two votes. Alberta (13-5-2) has fallen to fourth, being passed by Western (17-1-4). SMU (13-7-1) remains in 5th place while UPEI (12-6-3) moves up to 6th with their weekend wins. StFX (11-9-1) has fallen down to 12th in this poll.

Here are the full results from the Top Ten.

(regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (previous rankings)

1. UNB (17-4-0) / 178 pts (16) / (1)
2. McGill (21-0-2) / 156 (2) / (2)
3. Western Ontario (17-1-4) / 130 / (4)
4. Alberta (13-5-2) / 126 / (3)
5. Saint Mary's (13-7-1) / 104 / (5)
6. UPEI (12-6-3) / 82 / (7)
7. Sasketchewan (11-7-0) / 60 / (6) *
8. Manitoba (10-4-4) / 60 / (8) *
9. Calgary (11-6-2) / 34 / (NR)
10. Lakehead (14-7-1) / 21 / (10)

* Saskatchewan was awarded the higher ranking over Manitoba basd on number of higher-placed votes.

Other teams receiving votes: Acadia (13), StFX (12), UQTR (10), Nipissing (3), Carleton (1). The full article can be viewed here.


Anonymous said...

mcgill should be ranked number 1.they have a better record...wow.who does the voting,everyone at UNB.

AUSFAN72 said...

The post above is a prime example of someone who doesn't know what kind of competition each league has. UNB is in my mind in the toughest division in all of Canada. McGill has the record they have because their respective divsion is not very strong at all. Just take a look at this top 10 and tell me how many other teams from McGills division are in it ? 0. From the AUS they're 3 teams and 2 teams recieving some votes. McGill has some very good talent as they have the 2 top scorers in the CIS but UNB showed over the X-mas holidays that they had no trouble beating them. So Why should they be ranked higher?

Eric said...

Wow - just bate everyone with a comment like that.

The committee are members of the press from across the country who have a focus on University Sports.

They each receive a stats package with results of all games and additional information as needed. From this they each select their top 10. The results are tabulated on Monday and released on Tuesday.

I believe UNB is getting a higher selection over McGill based on a number of things: their strength of schedule (with wins over McG an AB and four NCAA teams) and a strong record in the AUS (McGill has not played a Regular Season game against a CIS Top 10 opponent - the down side of being in a weak div. while UNB played both #5 SMU and #9 SFX last weekend - tougher competition garners more respect).

Varsity Maniac said...

I can just hear all the McGill fans screaming "We wuz robbed!".

On paper maybe. But championships are not won on paper.