Sunday, January 2, 2011

Friars Take Game 2 of Pete Kelly Cup

In the second game of the 6th Annual Pete Kelly Cup, the Providence College Friars held on to a 1-0 win against the Varsity Reds.  For much of the game, the Friars looked to be just a split second quicker than the home team, limiting UNB's time with the puck and scoring chances.  End result - the V-Reds couldn't quite execute in the Friars' zone.

Scoring for UNB was absolutely nobody.  This was the first time this season that UNB was shut out, as goalie Justin Gates stopped everything the good guys could throw at him.  Derek Yeomans was very good in goal for UNB at the other end, making 23 saves off 24 shots.

Since there has to be a Pete Kelly Cup winner, UNB took it on goal differential.  This came as a bit of a surprise since in the past a shoot-out was used under this from to break the tie.   For some reason that wasn't done this year.

The tournament MVP was Dion Campbell.  Lachlan MacIntosh, Bretton Stamler, and Nick MacNeil were awarded all-star honours for UNB.

These were two pretty entertaining hockey games, and good experience for UNB against a fast, skilled hockey club.  Hopefully the experience from playing in these tight games pays off down the road. UNB will shift its attention to games against Dalhousie and Acadia next weekend at home to kick-off the second half of the AUS regular season.


Anonymous said...

Not having a shootout to determine the winner was just plain stupid...imho

UNB Bruins Fan said...

First time they have been shutout since October 4th, 2008 (6-0 against UMass-Amherst), which was 111 games ago I believe.

And unless I missed a game somewhere the last time I can find that they were shutout at home was October 1st, 2005 (4-0 against St. FX in the Fall Classic), which was about 131 games ago if my math is correct.

Eric said...

You're math is correct.

Their previous shutout at home was a score of 1-0 in Feb. 1996 against UPEI in game two of their MacAdam Semi (UNB lost the series two straight).

That's 15 years ago. Not bad - only two shutout loses at home in 15 years - 333 games (at home).

Previous last shutout:
6-0 for/at UMass-Amherst Oct. 4/08

Previous last shutout (AUS):
2-0 for/at Acadia Nov. 11/05

Anonymous said...

who really cares,these games are a waste of time anyways...

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Yeah, playing high quality competition is a huge waste of time...I mean, I would rather see UNB blow out a bunch of nobodies and then be completely unprepared when they play good teams at has that been working out for the OUA and Quebec teams in recent years?? You only get better by playing better teams.

Varsity Maniac said...

What the hell happened with STU-UPEI? Talk about an upset.

Anonymous said...

"Who really cares?"??????

Any fan who pays their hard earned money year after year to support obviously the best team in the country regardless of what a "committee" of votes has to say.