Tuesday, January 4, 2011

UNB back healthy, 100%?

Could it be true?  We've heard rumours that Daine Todd's shoulder injury wasn't so bad that he can't play without delaying the surgery.  In today's Daily Gleaner, Bill Hunt get's UNB Coach Gardiner MacDougall to verify that they will indeed see if Todd can't play out the remainder of the season.

With Luke Gallant and Jeff Lee nearing return, Taylor Procyshen finally returning to ice, and Ben Shutron optimistic he'll be back before the season's over, the most injury-plagued season in modern UNB history might yet see the team ice a nearly healthy squad.

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UNB Bruins Fan said...

Certainly some good news for UNB fans today with regards to the injury situation. I don't want to get too optimistic or way too far ahead of myself here but if everyone returns and remains healthy (a long shot at best I know) where will everyone fit in? Who sits?? I will try to take a stab at it...

- It seems obvious that Fullerton will be the main guy in net going forward with Yeomans as the backup.

- I think the defence is fairly easy to figure out...one would have to figure the top 6 will be Gallant/Shutron/Kidd/Wright/Harty/Stamler in some order with Corcoran/Hepditch fighting for the 7th spot (if they decide to go that route) and Pearce going back to assistant coach full time.

- It really, really starts go get tricky when it comes to picking the 12 (or 13) forwards. I think Tremblay/Culligan/Bailey/MacNeil/Campbell/MacIntosh/Procyshen/Todd/Clendenning/Lee/Seymour will be in the lineup every game providing they remain healthy. That leaves 4 pretty good players (Lynes/Layton/Fillier/Keranen) fighting for the 12th and 13th spots.

If UNB ever gets fully healthy it is going to make for some tough decisions in terms if lineups game in and game out. However, creating some competition for playing time might not be a bad thing...neither is the ability to change the lineup based on your opponent (ie/ maybe putting a guy like Layton or Lynes in there against a higher scoring team and a guy like Fillier or Keranen in there for the chippier games against teams like STU and UdeM.

What does everyone else think?