Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CIS Men's Top Ten (#13): UNB maintains #1 position

For the fifth week in a row, the UNB V-Reds (20-5-0) were voted #1, receiving 17 of 18 possible first place votes. The McGill Redmen (22-2-2) received the other first place vote and remain in second place. The Alberta Golden Bears (15-5-2) have gone back into third place, while Western Ontario (20-2-4) has dropped down to fifth. Also representing the AUS are the SMU Huskies (16-9-1) at #5, StFX X-Men (15-10-1) at #7, and the Acadia Axemen (14-8-3) at #10.

Here are the full results from the latest Top Ten.

(regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (previous rankings)

1. UNB (20-5-0) / 179 pts (17) / (1)
2. McGill (22-2-2) / 142 (1) / (2)
3. Alberta (15-5-2) / 130 / (4)
4. Western Ontario (20-2-4) / 117 / (3)
5. Saint Mary's (16-9-1) / 111 / (6)
6. Saskatchewan (15-7-0) / 107 / (5)
7. St. Francis Xavier (15-10-1) / 74 / (7)
8. Carleton (17-7-2) / 45 / (NR)
9. Calgary (13-8-2) / 30 / (NR)
10. Acadia (14-8-3) / 21 / (NR)

Other teams receiving votes: UPEI (10), Manitoba (10), Guelph (6), Nipissing (5), Wilfrid Laurier (3). The full article can be read


Eric said...

Ok - we're closing in on the last weekend. It is possible for any of X, ACD and SMU to finish 2nd.

The likelyhood is SMU will remain 2nd given easy games vs STU and UdeM.

SMU - win both and you're in. Split and leave the door open for X and ACD. SMU has the tie-breaker vs ACD. None of these teams play each other.

ACD - if SMU splits (giving UdeM the node at home), and ACD goes 2-1, they are in a tie for 2nd. SMU has the tie-breaker, so ACD has to win all 3 along with a SMU split (or two wins and a tie).

X - they only have 2 games and would need to win both (along with a SMU split) to tie for 2nd. X has the tie-breaker in this case. X also plays STU and UdeM. I see this as a serious possibility.

A three way tie between SMU, X and ACD would result in a multi-stage tie breaker. The records between these teams favours X (7-1). This leaves SMU and ACD tied for 3rd. SMU wins this tie-breaker.

If ACD does get 6 points and X and SMU tie, SMU could end up 4th.

UPEI is fighting for home ice in the first round.
- they need 5 points and three ACD loses as ACD has the tie breaker. With ACD playing DAL tonight, likely an ACD win, UPEI has to get ahead of X.
- they need a 4 point differential; two X loss and 4 points or ... to tie for 4th. UPEI has the tie-breaker. X plays STU and UdeM. X likely wins vs STU and UPEI loses to SMU - they remain 5th.

DAL & UdeM - both have 3 games left. Nothing head-2-head and nothing vs STU. DAL plays ACD(3), UPEI(5) and UNB(1) while UdeM plays UPEI(5), SFX(3) and SMU(2). DAL is home for all 3 games, while UdeM has two at home. UdeM has the tie-breaker. Way to hard to call - with both X, ACD and SMU fighting for 2nd and UPEI fighting for 4th and both DAL and UdeM fighting for their life - one crazy race.

Varsity Maniac said...


I have no idea how you kept track of all that. My hat goes of to you. Another reason why UNB has such a strong program.

You are the man!