Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CIS Top 10 #15

For the seventh week in a row, the UNB V-Reds (23-5-0) find themselves on top of the CIS rankings, earning the nod from just about every voter. Just like last week, McGill (24-2-2), got the other first place vote and remains in second.  Third place was once again given to the Alberta Golden Bears (18-5-3). Also reprenting the AUS are Saint Mary's (18-9-1) in 4th and StFX (17-10-1) in 6th.

Here are the full results from the latest Top Ten.

(regular season record) / votes (first-place votes) / (previous rankings)

1. UNB (23-5-0) / 179 pts (17) / (1)
2. McGill (24-2-2 / 2-0 playoffs) / 152 (1) / (2)
3. Alberta (18-5-3) / 141 / (3)
4. Saint Mary’s (18-9-1) / 127 / (4)
5. Western Ontario (20-3-5 / 2-0 playoffs) / 96 / (6)
6. St. Francis Xavier (17-10-1 / 2-0 playoffs) / 87 / (7)
7. Calgary (16-8-2) / 78 / (8)
8. Saskatchewan (16-10-0) / 56 / (5)
9. UQTR (19-8-1 / 2-1 playoffs) / 31/ (9)
10. Carleton (18-8-2 / 2-1 playoffs) / 17 / (10)

Other teams receiving votes: Acadia (14), Manitoba (4), UPEI (2), Waterloo (2), Wilfrid Laurier (2), Guelph (1), Nipissing (1).

The full article from the CIS can be found here.


Steven C. said...

Somebody make me understand how an "unbiased" voter could give McGill a first place vote. After the weekend performance by Alberta, I would be more likely to give it to them.

Anonymous said...

They have the best regular season/playoff record in the country. Shouldn't worry about those silly little exibition games that nobody tries in.

Anonymous said...

lol, we will see what happens in the University Cup if McGill Gets there. It would be an honor to play againts them and see them try, will also be an honor to see UNB play againts them without 5 regulars out of their lineup, like in the 7-1 wacking UNB gave them when McGill didnt try, and Verrault Paul left the Ice Crying in Frustration

Anonymous said...

Will Acadia be arriving in the city a day early with the storm coming to make sure the series starts on time?

Anonymous said...

Why would any team spend the money on travelling down east for 2 games if you weren't going to try?

Their own coach explained the problem when he said UNB didn't let McGill have the puck the 70% of the time that they were used to, in their own league. UNB controlled it 70% of the time instead.

Many fans who saw them play in Antigonish and Fredericton aren't sure if McGill would be a AUS playoff team or not. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt - 5th or 6th place.

Give your head a shake said...

So your saying you have to share the puck thats the fair thing to do? Makes sense now!

Eric said...

Good question on the weather.
They may wait until tomorrow at lunch before deciding (may depend on what class requirements they have)
go Sat/Sun instead.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't about sharing the puck at all, it was about the McGill coach recognizing the difference between the leagues!

He said that McGill dominates the play in their conference having possession of the puck 70% of the time, but that certainly wasn't the case against AUS teams especially in the game where UNB dominated them.

Anonymous said...

the weather is so unpredictable. If they start jerking people changing dates and stuff, then whatever they get for crowds will be anybody's guess. You're taking a huge gamble people will come out on a Sunday night. Just can't see it when people want to be home with their kids and preparing for the week ahead.

David Kilfoil said...

It is official. Games have been pushed a day because of the impending snow storm. Game 1 is now Saturday at 7 pm, and Game 2 Sunday at 6 pm.