Sunday, February 27, 2011

One For The History Books...

Fans will be talking about this one for years.  It took 80 shots, 7 periods, untold gallons of water and tonnes of heart, but the V-Reds outlasted the Acadia Axemen in a 3-2, quadruple overtime victory after Nick MacNeil scored the winner, his second of the game, with 8:07 remaining in the 7th period.  Josh Kidd got the other UNB goal.

Final shots on goal were were 80 to 39 in favour of the good guys.  Travis Fullerton bailed his team out with some highlight reel saves on more than few occasions as the game wore on, and continued to provide excellent goaltending with the win tonight.

You have to tip your hat to Acadia goalie Kris Westblom's 77 save performance.  You don't see that very often.

The V-Reds now lead the series 2 games to none with the game 3 moving to Acadia on Thursday.


Big Bad Jon said...

Wow, what a game. Dissapointing crowd at the onset but great to see most people stick it out. Big props to UNB's defence. They limited Acadia's chances throughout the overtimes and never made the one really bad giveaway. Fullerton was great when called upon.

Nothing against Nick, but not sure how the Acadia goalie didn't 1st star....he was spectacular. As a UNB fan, I even find it sad that he had to get the loss for that...what an effort

Anonymous said...

What a great win because it would have been a really tough game to lose!

Some of the UNB players like Tremblay and Culligan logged a ton of icetime in that game tonight.

Even though Westbloom's 77 save performance stands out, Travis Fullerton made several huge saves for UNB as well.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Anyone know the record for shots in a CIS game? I overheard someone behind me say it was something like 72-73...somewhere around there.

Anonymous said...

Big Bad Jon is right both me and my mother agree that he deserved 1st star and we're both UNB fans. Or he should of got 2nd star at the least.

Anonymous said...

I thought the 3 stars were for UNB players only?

Anonymous said...

That's going to be a very long bus ride back to Acadia. They had two glorious chances in the first and second overtime to put it away.

I think it was Clark who stripped the puck off Fullerton and missed backhanding it into the open net.

Series is still far from over with a great goalie like Westbloom. Still one would think the the Olympic size icesurface at Acadia favors UNB.

David Ritchie said...

axemen deserve credit because a lot of their key guys were out, and they simply don't have the depth that UNB has. Think about bruton, laberge, graham, firlotte: all key players. Nathan Welton, capable of playing up front and on the blueline, hurts his shoulder and he's out now,, kudos to that group. Having said that, UNB has just too many high gunners, and now with a 2-0 lead, it would be a real surprise to see this series go more than 3 games..