Saturday, February 26, 2011

Remember That Shutron Guy?

It's been so long since we've seen Ben Shutron on the ice at the Aitken Centre that you'd be forgiven for completely writing him off for this season.  Bill Hunt advises against doing that in his interview with Ben Shutron in Saturday's Daily Gleaner.  It's quite the motivational story, and a huge accomplishment for this young man if he does in fact return to the ice this season.   Wouldn't the return of one of the most offensively-gifted defencemen in the conference be a nice late addition to the team?


Anonymous said...

What more can you say about a guy like Ben... total class act.

Steve Shutron said...

What does not kill us makes us stronger . I would not expect anything less of him . Go do it Ben .


Anonymous said...

Now I see why Ben is such a nice young man. He gets it from his parents. You guys should be proud.

Bill Hunt said...

Enjoyed doing the story tremendously. Mr. Shutron, you should be very proud of your son tonight, both as a player and a person. He's a first class young man.

Anonymous said...

Even when he tells white lies . He could have not done it with out all the support from the team and all the fan's in Freddy . One game down , more to come . Keep it going V - Reds.

Thank you to all

The Shutron family