Friday, February 25, 2011

Teams Ready For Round 2

Bill Hunt manages to get a few words from each coach on the eve of tomorrow's game between UNB and Acadia, check it out in today's Daily Gleaner.

As we the fans get ready for round 2, take a minute to appreciate the CIS game and remember how short the season is.  It begins and ends in the span of 7 months, and home games are a treat. The rest of the playoffs will last a month or less, and UNB will play no more than 9 home games during that time (and perhaps as few as 6).  Win or lose, we're privileged to have a heavyweight contender in our backyard to serve as the source of some interesting sports drama and excitement each season.  Get out your red gear V-Red Nation, and show your support!

Let's go V-Reds!!!

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