Saturday, February 12, 2011

V-Reds End Regular Season With Win At Dal

UNB wrapped up the regular season with a 5-2 win over the Dalhousie Tigers in Halifax.  Scoring for UNB were Nick MacNeil with 2, Hunter Tremblay with 2, and Chris Culligan.  With the points he collected tonight, Hunter Tremblay took sole possession of the all-time points record (regular season + playoffs). Derek Yeomans was in net and made a few big saves with the game still close. 

And with that, the regular season is over and the playoff matches are set.  Round 1 will see STFX take on Dalhousie, while Acadia and UPEI renew hostilities.  UNB and SMU each get a bye for the first round and will wait and see who their opponents for round 2 will be.


Anonymous said...

Yeomans has a GAA of 1.16 and a rediculous .944 save percentage. Not bad for a backup.

Anonymous said...

I know Hunter got the shorthanded goal to make it 2-0 but what a beautiful setup by Culligan on that play.
UNB certainly goes into the playoffs on a strong note exorcising the previous losses on the road to Acadia and Dal.

Bill Hunt said...

Tremblay and Matt Carter of UPEI each finish with 44 points -- Tremblay with 22-22-44 in 27 games, Carter with 20-24 in 28. I assume Tremblay wins the scoring title in that scenario...

Ken C. said...

It's been quite awhile since I've seen 5 teams so strong in the AUS, and playoff races for 2nd through 7th place so tight until the last weekend of the season.

These guys are going to clobber each other in the playoffs this year.

Anonymous said...

Ken C, you are dead on about this year's high stakes playoffs. A couple of prolonged series could really take its toll on the survivors. UNB's depth this year could be a very important factor.

It was nice to see Luke Lynes get to dress and he was certainly given prime time on a line with Tremblay and Bailey for the first 2 periods of the Dal game.

Gardiner has really been trying different line and power play combinations leading into the playoffs so it will be interesting to see both his lineup and combinations when the playoffs begin.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Regarding the poll...isn't it impossible for UNB to play St. FX in the second round?

Btw...Tremblay finished 3rd, t-3rd, 1st, and t-1st in AUS scoring in his 4 years. Not to mention +/- marks of +27, +33, +25, and +24. When can we start petitioning for him to stick around another year.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Also, does anyone know what the AUS record is for fewest goals against in a 28 game schedule? I have to think this years team has to right up there...

Ken C. said...

I think UNB Bruins Fan is right about STFX not being eligible...I did it up a few days ago before things were finalized. My mistake. Hey, vote for X if you want them real bad :)

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Actually, when you look at all the teams in the playoffs UNB had the best success against St. FX this year with a 4-0 record. They went 2-2 against SMU and 3-1 against UPEI, Dal, and Acadia.

Anonymous said...

way to go guys,awsome season again.looking forward to the playoffs :)

Eric said...

2011 43 UNB tbd
2010 56 UNB AUS Semi-Finalist
2009 63 Alberta Pool A 1-1
2008 59 UNB/UQTR Silver/OUA East Finalist
2007 65 UQTR Pool A 1-1
2006 29 McGill Pool A 1-1
2005 54 McGill OUA East Finalist
2004 48 Alberta Poll A 1-1
2003 54 Alberta/York Bronze/Pool A 0-2
2002 35 Western Gold
2001 46 UQTR Gold
2000 46 UQTR Pool B 1-1
1999 53 UQTR Pool B 0-2
1998 49 UQTR Pool B 1-1
1997 63 Guelph Gold
1996 72 UQTR Semi-Finalist

McGill has to have the record at 29 (12 shutouts in 24 games).

Of 17 teams - 14 trips to Nationals and 3 Golds & 1 Silver.

Red Army East said...

V-Reds won't play the X-Men in round #2,they could only meet in the AUS final. It will be SMU matching up against X in the second round, unless Dal Upsets the X men in the best of 3 quarter final round #1 series.ST FX has won all 4 meetings against the Huskies in the regular season.
UNB will face either Acadia, UPEI or Dal in round #2.