Thursday, February 24, 2011

V-Reds Receive Grant for CIS Nationals

There's a business side to hosting the CIS University Cup and yesterday's announcement by Minister Keith Ashfield's office that UNB will receive $100,000 in grant moneys from ACOA towards promotional and translation efforts is probably good news for the bottom line.

The V-Reds expect the tournament to contribute over $2 million to the local economy.  Not bad.

Here's a link to the ACOA press release for more information.


DNS said...

Our tax money at work. If UNB isn't capable of funding this themselves or through advertising, why did they want it? You can rest assured your municipality has already financed this to the hilt. How much federal money did Lakehead and Alberta receive?

Hey we don't have to spend our own money on promotion and tranlation, here is another $500 for you Hunter and you Jordan and you Travis. You wonder why tax payers in this country are sick and tired of this crap. Get it and the government will finance it.

David Kilfoil said...

You live in a dreamworld if you believe the city of Fredericton has "has already financed this to the hilt".

The city has certainly contributed financially, but it is pretty expensive to host the University Cup - especially when you have to guarantee a big chunk of revenue to the CIS organization.

And I'm sure you were just trolling to insinuate that any funding might go directly to players ...


All about priorities said...

I'm with DNS on this. Why are the pockets of the tax payers being picked for UNB to promote itself by putting on this event? You want it, you finance it, and hopefully the fans will respond, which I'm sure they will. But don't halfway through stick you hand out and say: give em, give me because we can't afford it on our own. We've got health care issues and we've got thousands of people who can't even afford to feed their families and the tax payers are financing a hockey tournament because these people want their egos stroked? I'm a fan of the school and the university, but enough is enough. Let's get our priorities straight.

Varsity Maniac said...

This funding is in line with what any other major event would garner and fits ACOA's mandate. The money for translation is because of NB's bilingual status. Standard procedure. This is not a UNB-specific issue.

- Carl

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carl..yes there could be a debate about whether money should be going to activities like this...but this is not UNB's fault. They are just doing what everyone else is already doing (Harvest Jazz & Blues, Winterfest, Moncton concerts, Theatre NB) which is getting gov't money to trade for economic spinoffs fro holding events. Yes it's debatable whether it should be done, but UNB is not to blame for this issue. You could just as easily turn it back on STU and say well if you want a new rink you should pay the other 25 million for the completion of the grant harvey center on top of the 1 million they already chipped in. Or you could say that the Federal govt shouldn't have given money to vanoc to host the olympics.

This is a debate well above

And to the person suggesting the players will each get a share..give me a break, it costs a fortune to run an event like this, this money would just be a drop i the bucket for the operating costs of the tournament.

Let's our priorities straight said...

not really sure the analogy between the city and STU getting a new rink that will be used by the city for the next 40 years and the hosting a four-day tournament. I agree, there are going to be spin-offs for the community, but that's where you make the appeal to the various businesses as potential sponsors. Not sure if we the tax payer should be paying the bills for a tournament that UNB put a bid on and will reap the benefits. As a tax payer who has seen his taxes rise considerably over the past number of years, I think that money could go to better use.

Anonymous said...

Starting to wonder if this is a political forum or a website to support UNB athletics...

We could spend hours upon hours talking about things our tax dollars are going towards that we do not condone or appreciate. For example I am not a huge fan of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival..Do I condemn them for getting money to help sponsor a fantastic event? No. It's not for me but obviously there are countless thousands who enjoy it. The same is true for many events

So I feel that perhaps more fundraising could have been done on the local level from the university to help support this great event..sure..and for that matter everyone is always looking for ways to improve upon the current processes and that's fine

Here's the facts..this tournament is going to have significant financial windfalls for the city, is going to provide the city with great exposure from all the young athletes/fans etc etc who will be visiting and contributing to the cities economy. Not to mention the growth and development of young athletes and students at that. I don't see this being a bad thing

You get to see the greatest hockey you will ever see and on top of that contribute to the economic success of your community

I am not going to get into a political debate with anyone, frankly I am more mature then that. This website is in support of the #1 ranked team in Canada. That is what I choose to support here and yes I choose proudly to support them through my tax dollars and hard earned paycheck as well.


Anonymous said...

welcome the cis,its good for the city and the fans.i dont agree with the tax dollar thing but we get robbed way worse then this.cant wait to see it won on home ice baby wwwwooooo :)