Sunday, February 20, 2011

V-Reds Will Play Acadia In Round 2

Powered by back-to-back shutouts from Kristofer Westblom, the Acadia Axemen have punched a ticket to Fredericton to play the V-Reds this Friday night.  The Axemen eliminated the UPEI Panthers with consecutive 1-0 victories in round 1 of the AUS playoffs.

STFX disposed of Dalhousie in the other round 1 series and will play the SMU Huskies in round 2.  AUS hockey fans probably aren't too surprised with the final 4 teams, but the UPEI Panthers made it interesting in the regular season this year.

Game 1 is scheduled for Friday, February 25th at the Aitken Centre.

Predictions?  Let us know by leaving a comment.
Photo Courtesy Brian Smith


David Kilfoil said...

If the refereeing is as bad as the last time the Axemen were at the AUC it won't be pretty; these teams really don't like each other.

Anonymous said...

axemen in 4

Big Bad Jon said...

Game 1 - blowout UNB
Game 2 - Close with UNB holding on
Game 3 - Acadia comes out flying, but in the end it is not enough

UNB Sweeps

Anonymous said...

unb wins in 4...shaky start but finds enough to win game 1, posts 2 goal win in game 2, loses game 3 but wins series in fourth game....x and smu goes five games, with smu winning...

Eric said...

Game 1 - UNB in blowout
Game 2 - UNB holds on
Game 3 - ACD in tight game
Game 4 - UNB with a big 3rd period

X takes SMU in 3 (they've had their number all year.

UNB in 5 over X needing home ice to win the series.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to put my money on SMU as well. They are a playoff team and UNB is not. It hurts to say that as I live and die UNB hockey. But I don't see it going any other way.

Anonymous said...

UNB will come out of Acadia series bumped-and-bruised no doubt. Acadia doesn't have the wheels so will do whatever they can get away with to slow pace down. Series will go as far as refs let the play go.

SMU will score their way to victory in the other series.

Who cares about the finals - all about staying healthy in my opinion.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

I assume the format is 2-2-1 and not 1-1-1-1-1?

Eric said...

Yup 2-2-1.

David Kilfoil said...

I can see UNB taking two at home, and getting pretty banged up depending on how the officials call the game. I can see Acadia rebounding at their home, taking advantage of the last line change to match lines against UNB and perhaps grinding out a win. I don't see them doing it twice.

It probably won't be the most "entertaining" hockey, but playoff hockey. Acadia is a defence-first team, and they should be doing their best to try to take away the centre of the ice and force UNB to the boards. I also believe, like many, that the Axemen will take every liberty they can to try to get UNB off their game, and the V-Reds will probably respond in kind.

I would love to see the two teams go end to end, which plays to UNB's strengths, but I will be shocked if it happens in this series.