Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AUS Announces 2010-2011 Awards Winners and All-Stars

The AUS announced the major award winners and all-stars today.  Representing UNB as a First Team All-Star is Hunter Tremblay.  Second Team All-Stars include Bretton Stamler and Chris Culligan.  Nick MacNeil was named to the All-Rookie team.

AUS MVP went to SMU's d-man extraordinaire, Andrew Hotham.  UNB was shut-out of the major awards, but they're probably not too concerned about those.   You can read about the rest of the award winners over at the AUS site.


Anonymous said...

A. Hotham.....he's no S. Hotham. Good player but whines too much.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the All Star selections it seems like they are almost chosen from the regular season point totals for the most part. You would think that the highly regarded coaches of the AUS would consider a lot more factors like situational play, effort and defensive play before making their selections.

The biggest contradiction of the above is the omission of Travis Fullerton who had the league's best GAA by a 0.61 margin over Conway and a 0.77 margin over Perricone. We know he plays behind a very strong team with less shots per game which is very difficult to handle but he also had the league's best save percentage which was ignored.

Regarding the forwards, Cory Vitarelli was skipped over with his 33 pts by Cam Fergus with 32 pts and Andrew Clark with 32 pts was bypassed by Chris Hulit with 31 pts. Benjamin Breault got an awful lot of mileage out of 3 games that netted him 11 points. If Chris Culligan came in 6th in the voting this year, the way the players are listed on the AUS site, that is a joke, IMO!

The defense followed the script perfectly except for Breton Stamler, who really represents a very strong but injury plagued UNB defensive core this year.

Regarding the All Rookie Team, I was very glad to see Nick MacNeil recognized for his great improvement as an all round player over the course of the season.

I'm sure other people will see things differently but these are my honest reactions to the AUS Award selections.