Thursday, March 3, 2011

Axemen Bounce Back with 3-1 Win

Acadia isn't going down easy.  After jumping to an early 1-0 start in the opening minutes of the game, the Axemen added two more goals to secure a 3-0 lead before Nick Layton finally scored for UNB with just 4 minutes left.   Final score was 3-1 for Acadia.

UNB now leads the series 2-1 and will try and close it off tomorrow night at 7pm back at Acadia.


Anonymous said...

Tough loss tonight for the Reds. It seemed like Acadia controlled most of the play in the early going and once they got the 2 goal lead they collapsed into a defensive shell. I think it's crucial for UNB to score first tomorrow night and force Acadia to open things up.

Anonymous said...

Once it went 2-0 the game was over. UNB just doesn't have the explosive offense of the past few years where they can come back from a 2 goal deficit or more...I don't think they have done it all year (although they haven't been behind by two goals in many games obviously).

It also concerns me a bit that UNB is about as healthy as they have been all year (what's up with Wright anyways?) and Acadia is missing some significant players...yet they lost tonight and took 7 periods to win on Sunday.

Eric said...

No one said it was going to be easy.

Teams that play a 'shell' game are hard to beat if you are behind. X did it last year and are doing it again this year. UNB definitely have to get the first goal to keep Acadia honest. Home ice helps as well (line matching). Acadia has nothing to lose - they're loose.

I agree the offense is less, but they have only given up 3 or more goals on 6 occasions - unfortunately they lost 5 of those 6 games (the win was 7-4 vs UdeM). They scored the first goal 4 times in those games. The opponent came back 3 times (the Udem game was the other). So they were 0-2 when the other team scores first and gets 3 or more goals. UNB averages 36 shots per game, but in their loses - they have 34,21,30,55,26 (all below avg. except for the Dal game when they got 55).

They have won all games where they have given up no more than 2. They scored first 21 out of 23 in games they won (they only had to comeback twice).

So, it sounds simple and obvious, score first, get 35-40 shots and keep the other guy to no more than 2 goals.

Eric said...

ps. that's why we play a series.

Anonymous said...

on a side note,Darrle Boyce scoerd the winner in the third to give the leafs a 3-2 win over the flyers.awsome job Darrle.