Saturday, March 26, 2011

CIS Nationals, game #6: V-Reds vs Mustangs

The CIS #1 ranked V-Reds take on the CIS #4 ranked Mustangs at 7:30 pm tonight at the AUC. These two teams met two years ago in the National finals, with UNB skating to a 4-2 victory and their third CIS title. Lachlan MacIntosh scored a hat trick in that game.

This will be a true semi-finals at the V-Reds and Mustangs both won their opening games of the weekend against Calgary. The winner of this game advances to the National finals Sunday night.

Josh Kidd was the hero of game 1 for the V-Reds as they beat Calgary 2-1, and Kevin Baker picked up the first game honors for the Mustangs with 2 pts (1G 1A) in their 3-2 victory over Calgary.

The game can be seen on Rogers Sportsnet, viewed as a webcast on the SSN network, and listened to on CHSR Radio.


Anonymous said...

better not get caught in the lazy play like they did against calgary or thell be done.UNBs strength is carrying the puck out of there zone and they obviously didnt do that against calgary.chip,chip,chip away.makes for a very boring game.....

Skippy said...

Very excited for this game! I don't know much about the mustangs other than that they are a pretty young team(something like 9 first years?).
They played well against the dinos last night, lets see if they can keep it up!

UNB just needs to get their act back together though. They should come out with the win.