Tuesday, March 29, 2011

'City of Champions'

Mayor Woodside is calling Fredericton a 'City of Champions'.  To celebrate the V-Reds big win, along with those of the UNB Red Blazers and Fredericton Midget AAA Canadiens, a celebration is planned at 12:15 pm this Wednesday at Officers Square.  Don't miss it!

Daily Gleaner story


Anonymous said...

There is also a New Brunswick high school hockey champion in the city.

...Red Devil

Anonymous said...

Comparing us to Edmonton (City of Champions)?
Let's see, pro hockey, pro football vs high school hockey, midget and a girls club team.
The V-Reds are CIS champions, but don't compare us to the City of Edmonton for heavens sake. Compare UNB to the U of A, that's cocky enough! UNB would never use those terms, just Brad (mayor) playing stupid!

Varsity Maniac said...

What the hell has Edmonton won lately?