Monday, March 7, 2011

First Two Home Game Dates Revealed, CIS Nationals Picture Clearing Up

The Varsity Reds revealed the dates of the first two home games of the AUS Final.  This Friday night at the special time of 8pm, Game 1 will take place at the AUC between UNB and the winner of the SMU-STFX series that concludes Tuesday night.  Game 2 will then follow on Saturday night at the familiar time of 7PM.

The CIS Nationals picture cleared up considerably over the weekend.  No surprise, the University of Alberta Golden Bears and McGill Redman will make the trip from their conferences.  Joining them will be the Calgary Dinos and Western Mustangs.

UNB is pretty familiar with all these teams.  Alberta, Calgary and McGill were exhibition opponents this season, while Western was the opponent during the gold medal game of the 2009 University Cup in Thunder Bay.

With one spot left at this year's University Cup, feel free to let us know who you expect it to be.


UNB Bruins Fan said...

I think game 5 between X and SMU is a toss up but one would have to expect SMU to pull it out in the end thanks to home ice and the momentum they have after dominating game 4. I think the more interesting question is who does everyone want UNB to play in the Finals/at Nationals? I feel confident facing either team in a five game series but if it came down to a one game showdown at Nationals St. FX scares me a bit more than SMU even though SMU is the more talented team...mainly based on the style each team plays. SMU plays similarly to UNB which might play into UNB's hands a bit more, while we all know what X is going to try to do and the trouble UNB had last year against them (and even Acadia last week) when they got into that type of game...

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be a best of three?