Sunday, March 20, 2011

University Cup Tournament Seedings and Schedule Released

Over at the CIS Blog, David Kilfoil has the scoop on the seedings and schedule for the University Cup.

The pools are as follows:

Pool A
1. UNB
4. Western
6. Calgary

Pool B
2. McGill
3. Alberta
5. StFX

The schedule for the tournament is posted as (all times AST):

Thursday, March 24
14:00: Pool B #1: StFX vs. McGill (SSN Canada webcast)
19:00: Pool A #1: Calgary vs. UNB (SSN Canada webcast)

Friday, March 25
14:00: Pool B #2: Loser Pool B #1 vs. Alberta (SSN Canada webcast) 
19:00: Pool A #2: Loser Pool A #1 vs. Western (SSN Canada webcast) 

Saturday, March 26
14:30: Pool B #3: Winner Pool B #1 vs. Alberta (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)
19:30: Pool A #3: Winner Pool A #1 vs. Western (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

Sunday, March 27
20:00: University Cup Final (Rogers Sportsnet / SSN Canada webcast)

Note the 8 PM start for the University Cup Final on Sunday. 

Finally, it looks as though CHSR will be broadcasting all the games as well, good news for those of you at work limited to radio.


Anonymous said...

I know anything can happen but I would be amazed if UNB didn't advance to the final coming out of this pool.

Definitely going to catch X v McGill on Thursday too.


Eric said...

Anyone know what the three fingers mean in the Team AUS picture? Does it mean '3 more wins'?

(feel free to check my math)

Notes: The host team has won 2 titles; Alberta twice. USask missed 3 finals, GLP/WAT missed the finals twice, UNB made one final of two, ALB was two for two, UdeM made it to one final of two, LKD missed the finals twice.

The host team is 2/13 (.153)

The afternoon Pool has gone on to win 10 of 13.

Of the different combination's of games, the winner has done the following:
3 straight six times
1-2 split six times
2-1 split once (ALB in Moncton)

Eric said...

Correction: Afternoon winners are 9/13.

Eric said...

Over the past 14 years, 16 teams have finished with the lowest Goals-Against.
- 14 of 16 teams advanced to Nationals.
- 4 of 16 teams advanced to the Gold Game (.250)
- 3 of 16 teams won gold (.187)

The two teams not to advance: UNB last year (56 GA) and McGill in 2005 (54 GA)

The Champions were Guelph in 1997 (63 GA), UQTR in 2001 (46 GA) and UWO in 2002 (35 GA).

Anonymous said...

anyone know if there selling indavidual tickets...

David Kilfoil said...

As far as I know they are still only selling packages.

Anonymous said...

When were the powers that be going to inform us that there's a $2 parking fee at the AUC this weekend? A lot of people will be upset, especially with no warning.

David Kilfoil said...

What do you mean? They put an ad in today's paper!


The money goes to varsity athletics, so it is a good cause.

And it is only a toonie.

Anonymous said...

Is it a $2 fee per game or just for the whole weekend???

I agree it's a good cause but very very last minute..

$2 fee for the weekend I have no problem with..$2 fee per game is like an extra $14-$16 for the weekend which today is like 1/4 of a tank of gas


Anonymous said...

Let's get STUTommies to collect the money and give it to the SMU womens hockey team.

Anonymous said...

LOL... love the last comment.

Anonymous said...

UNB fans are all class. No good deed or helping hand goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Maybe another poem might help the situation.

Anonymous said...

About the parking - is is $2.00 per game? Not all of us get the paper.

Anonymous said...

Ok so check this out, I just called the aitken centre box office and spoke with Vicky and asked her about the $2 parking fee

When I asked if it was $2 per day she said "I think so" and when I asked if I pay the parking attendant she said and I quote "I guess so".

Which translates to does anybody know what is going on? Oh by the way this is what happens when decisions are made last minute


Skippy said...

Parking on UNB campus??? That's why I walk.

Anonymous said...

This will pose a bit of a problem I would expect with some people who do not want to pay this fee. Also, how are the 5 or 6 parking attendants going to keep track of about 1500-2000 cars per game. I can't see this working out to well and I for one don't wanna pay. But if ya have to it will be worth the money to watch the best hockey around. I'm all for UNB going all the way and really hope they win nationals but damn they know how to squeeze an extra couple dollars out of everyone for a lot of events.

Anonymous said...

really,thats how much gas is going up,drop the parking fees so i can pay for gas to get there....

More money, please! said...

These guys never cease to amaze. Not a peep about any parking fee until the very last minute, and now we don't know if it's per game, per day, for the tournament, for next year, for the next century. Come on you guys, get out of the ivory tower and join the real world for a couple of days anyway. And like the previous post says, how are they going to police this? Are they going to have CP going window to window to collect, or what? Are they going to date off every entrance and exit? Heaven forbid somebody have a heart attack and have to make a quick exit. UNB runs a good hockey program and all that for sure, but some of the side stuff literally makes your head shake.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing it is $2.00 per game!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meh...plenty of parking by the SUB or HIL.