Thursday, March 31, 2011

V-Reds Attend 'City of Champions' Event

A healthy contingent of hockey fans made their way to Officers Square Wednesday afternoon to pay their respects to all the championship teams in the city.  The V-Reds showed off their new hardware and lined up with the midget AAA Canadiens,  UNB Red Blazers and the Fredericton High School Black Kats for a few photos.

Photo credit T. Davis

With the season now over, fans are starting to turn their focus to which players are moving on.  We'll have plenty of time to discuss this in the off-season, but for now we're just going to enjoy the win.   Championships don't happen every year, and so much has to go right for it to happen again.  So enjoy the off-season folks.  In the meantime, Bruce Hallihan touches on the recruiting subject in today's Daily Gleaner.

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David Kilfoil said...

The Edmonton Oilers have announced that they've signed Hunter Tremblay: