Sunday, July 3, 2011

V-Reds Open 2011-2012 Season At Home Vs. STFX, Schedule Released

The AUS has released the 2011-2012 and the Varsity Reds open the season at home vs. a familiar foe when the STFX X-Men visit the AUC on Friday, October 14th.  The schedule doesn't get much easier the next night when the SMU Huskies roll into town.  Troy Ryan's STU Tommies don't visit UNB until November 9th.  The AUS wraps up regular season play on February 11th, with UNB hosting UdeM to close out the year.

The full schedule is available here.


UNB Bruins Fan said...

A couple observations:

- Nice to see all the STU/UNB games on Wednesday nights again. I always liked that better than during the weekend and don't know why they got away from it the last year or so.

- UNB hosts Moncton on Sunday, November 20th even though Moncton plays at STU on Friday night (while UNB is in PEI). Why not just play the UNB/Moncton game on Saturday night? Is the AUC unavailable or something?

- UNB, STU, and Dal finish the first half on November 25th. All the other teams have games the next week (SMU has 2) so UNB/STU/Dal will be playing a bit more of a compressed schedule in the first half than the others for some reason.

Anonymous said...

How do we get tickets for the games in NH/Maine? Will UNB be selling any?

Eric said...

You can get tickets for the UNH/UM games by calling their respective box offices (probably too early now - I would try in early September).

As these are pre-season games, unlikely there will be a bus organized (kind of hard to get everyone organized compared to a mid-season game).

Identify that you are a UNB fan so they can place you in the correct sections.

Eric said...

UNB/STU and DAL may finish early (Nov. 25) but they still play 14 games. It looks like everyone has a 14/14 split this year.

UNB ends at home vs UdeM (6th time in 12 yeas - 4-1 record), should be interesting. STU ends the season vs UPEI and UdeM which could be playoff bubble games.

Eric said...

A banner raising in front of SFX will likely lead to an interesting game - then SMU the next night.

Steven C. said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but the last time UNB raised a banner in an opening weekend, they won 10-0 and then 9-3 over UPEI and Moncton...

Will be interesting to see how this year looks.