Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Third Annual AUS Pool

We're happy to announce that the third annual AUS Hockey Pool is back by popular demand.  Think you know AUS hockey?  Put your skills to the test against other AUS hockey fans by joining our open-invitation, free AUS Hockey Pool.  There's no money at stake, just your hockey pride.  Last year, AUS Fan and BruinsFan0877 waged war in the heavens in a fiery spectacle of hockey pool wizardry.  Ultimately, AUS Fan was crowned undisputed overlord of AUS hockey.  Can he do it again?

We'll track the results of all competitors by posting weekly standings.  The winner will lay claim to the unofficial title of "World's Greatest AUS Hockey Mind" and mock the inferior hockey knowledge of the losers.

This will be a "Box Pool".  Simply download our pool selection sheet, and create your 12-player team by selecting a player from each of the 12 boxes.  When you're done filling out the sheet, attach it to an email and return it to us at

Forwards and Defencemen
Goal = 1 point
Assist = 1 point

Goal = 1 point
Assist = 1 point
Win = 2 points
Overtime/Shootout Loss = 1 point
Shutout = 2 points

We will allow you to make 2 trades prior to January 1, 2011.  When trading a player, it must be with a player from the same box.  If you decide you wish to trade a player, you must send an email to and specify the box, old player, and new player you want to add.

You will keep the points obtained by the player you're trading up to the day of the trade. The incoming player will start to earn points for your team once he is on your roster, but points previously obtained before the trade will not count towards your team total.

Deadline for Submission:
We will accept participants until 5 PM AST on Thursday, October 20th.  After that, you can still submit but will be penalized 2 pts per day.

We will use the AUS website stats as the official authority.  If you feel an error has been made, it probably has.  Just drop us a line and we'll look into it and make any necessary corrections as soon as possible.

This pool is open on a first come, first serve basis.  We reserve the right to cap participation at any time.  We welcome fans from anywhere, from any team. Support AUS hockey!

Good luck!

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Big Bad Jon said...

Thanks guys for doing this again this year! Can't wait to take some time this weekend and put my team together.