Friday, October 14, 2011

V-Reds beat X-Men 3-1

The V-Reds raised the CIS banner tonight, then went out and beat the X-Men 3-1 in front of 3,345 fans at the AUC.

Scoring for UNB were Clendenning, Campbell, and Carroll with the empty netter. Final Shots were 31-22 for UNB. Scoring for the X-Men was Jason Bast.

The V-Reds are back in action tomorrow night when they take on the SMU Huskies at 7pm at the AUC.


Anonymous said...

Watched it online. Seemed pretty close. Quiet crowd too. Fredericton is spoiled.

kelly m Section 5 said...

should never be on line or t.v. unless it is sold out. Why pay when you can watch for free. Noticed a big decline in attendance since rogers started airing.What were they thinking? also what are they doing for promos? Nothing happening during intermission to keep people in there seats or bring them to the building. The boys need to play in front of a big crowd, they deserve it!

11and said...

good game. tight game. shades of things to come.
tremblay 3 shots one assist for okla

Anonymous said...

Quiet crowd. But game wasnt exactly polished or nail-biting -- but close in score.

Most positive sign -- UNB won and controlled play despite no Culligan, no Todd, no Drummond, no Kidd, no Denny and Macneil leaving injured partway thru game. That is a ton of firepower to play without!!!

Anonymous said...

good game but there pp was terible,better polish it up or there in trouble.and of course the officials were pathetic again.cant the league get real refs?

Anonymous said...

i was sitting behind the x net and heard an older gentleman yelling profanities at some players when the play stopped and one gentleman went over and told him to watch his language which im assuming was because his son was he didnt yell alot at once just a few words.for me i think your exposed to this if your at a hockey game,after all its not a church picnic but i can see his point.thoughts anyone?

Big Bad Jon said...

Considering UNB was playing a top 3 to top 5 team in the country will a bus load of injuries...gotta be happy they got the 2 points...gonna be a very tough rematch in Antigonish next weekend!

PK said...

three comments on fans/attendance:

a - everybody knows Freddy fans are quiet - nothing new there

b - where the heck are students; it is now free to get in and there still probably isnt 100 of them at rink - i assume they want free beer too

c - pretty well every program would love to see rink as filled as AUC generally is - quiet or not!

UNB Bruins Fam said...

That was one of the better attended home openers I can remember...certainly better than the 07 and 09 banner raisings.

David Kilfoil said...

UNB has long been part of that "fair play" thing, which was basically about fans behaving themselves, including refraining from foul language

No, the AUC is not a church (although it can be quiet ...) but there is no need for cursing because it is a university campus and specifically because there are children in the rink. Folks should be creative enough to mock, taunt or tease the opposing team without the "eight dirty words".

So yes, I salute that adult who was bold enough to correct someone who wasn't being very adult in public.

UNB student said...

Where are the students?

While I agree with this statement(I'd like to see more fellow students attending the games), from my experience in trying to get friends and fellow students to go(I've worked in the residence system here, tried to organize groups going to games and such) - there is no interest in hockey.. or any sports for that matter. Hockey is one of the best attended sports at UNB, student wise(ever go to a soccer/basketball/volleyball game?).
We are students. We have school work to do, essays to write, projects to complete, exams to study for. Infact, I type this while I procrastinate writing a paper that I want to get done before tonight's game against SMU aha.

As for the free beer comment... yeah that would be great, except they raised the prices this year and sold out to this so called 'Budweiser' beer... which isn't beer, its bathwater.
And you can get 2-3 drinks at the social club for the price of 1 drink at the aitken center.

I thought last night's game against X was very well attended(better attended them some Q-league games), and there were defiantly more than 100 students there last night.
Not a nail-biter, but still a good first game of the season.
UNB really needed to show their strength last night, and without many of their top players and lots of rookies on the ice instead, they did a good job.