Sunday, November 13, 2011

V-Reds Downed In Shoot-out 6-5 By Acadia

The V-Reds and Axemen battled back and forth all evening, playing 70 full minutes before turning things over to a shoot-out.  In the end the Acadia Axemen pulled off the win.  Scoring for UNB were Luke Gallant, Jon Harty, Thomas Nesbitt, Nick MacNeil, and Bretton Stamler.  Shots on goal were pretty even, 31 for UNB, 30 for Acadia.

Dan Lacosta started in goal, but left after the 1st period with the score 2-1 Acadia.  Matt Davis took over and played the remainder of the game.

The loss leaves the V-Reds with 3 of a possible 4 points on this road trip to Nova Scotia.  Perhaps some small consolation to V-Reds fans is the reminder that the team went 0-2 last season, being outscored 9-5, including a tough 6-3 lost to Dal last November 27.

UNB remains in 1st place in the AUS with 17 points, 1 point ahead of U de M.


Anonymous said...

UNB worked really hard in 2nd to take a 2 goal lead. It was disappointing to see them give back 2 goals so easily, especially the goal in the last minute.

UNB's defence has not played up to its hype level in two of the last 3 games. It was also hard to believe how much trouble the D had handling the puck at the Acadia blueline last night which led to a lot of Acadia scoring opportunities.

Lucky no one was injured last half of the game because besides the penalty shot the whistle was put away.

David Kilfoil said...

You do have to give Acadia credit for aggressively challenging the UNB defence on the points. The V-Reds are a puck possession team and other teams know that. We can all see the UNB d-men holding on to the puck looking for that perfect pass or shot. Often I wish they'd stop thinking about being perfect and just put the damn puck on the net.

Anonymous said...

Clendenning's situation is concerning! Would not want to go into the U cup without him!

Anonymous said...

So was Lacosta hurt or just pulled because he let in two bad goalts?