Saturday, November 5, 2011

V-Reds Suffer First Loss of Season, 5-4 to Panthers

The V-Reds had an off-night and ended up on the wrong side of a 5-4 game against the UPEI Panthers.  Scoring for UNB were Jordan Clendenning, Josh Kidd, Jon Harty, and Luke Gallant.  UNB thought they had another goal, but the ref blew the whistle before the puck crossed the line.

Matt Davis played the game in goal and made a few good saves with the game close to give his team a chance, but it just wasn't meant to be on this night .  Final shots were 43-27 UNB.

The loss leaves UNB in 1st place with a 7-1 record.  UNB plays Dalhousie in Halifax next Friday before visiting Acadia on Saturday.


UNB student said...

Was very disappointed we didn't get to see Denny play tonight. Would have been a great replacement for Desnoyers. Glad to see Kidd, Todd and MacNeil back though.

Mixed feelings with Davis. He made some nice saves tonight but there were a few goals where UPEI effortlessly walked around him. Liking the clash of the green gear though aha

The last few games has made me think about the new recruits and how strong of an impression they made at the beginning of the season, and how they have not been in the highlights all that much since the injured have come back into the ranks these past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Desnoyers is the worst. Not just tonight, he's sucked since he got to UNB. I don't see what the draw was with him, i wouldn't want him on my team. I'm much more comfortable with any of UNB's other D-men.
Also, disappointed Denny wasn't playing. Davis played ok, you can tell he hasn't played much since his STU days. UNB kind of hung him out a few times so you can't fault him for that.

Anonymous said...

UNB deserved to lose. Sloppy all game long. They had enough shots to win, but they missed net continually from good shooting position, they let PEI killl thm on penalty kill, and the defense stunk. And what is it with the undisciplined penalties when they knew they were suffering on pk.

They are still the kingpins but hopefully this weekend teaches them not to rest on their laurels.

kelly sec 5 said...

don't blame Davis, the team had a bad first period,second period had kick! can't win them all. learn by experience. bring them to reality.
Better now then in march! Remember they have been without a few guys they need to "click" and learn who they are best suited to play with.Have no worries.

Anonymous said...

Our defensive zone play was poor with opposition players left wide open in scoring position several times. I also think that the PK is really being spread around this year which hopefully will pay dividends down the road. When the team is down 2 players the thinking appears to be a little different.
Desnoyers extra penalty for slamming the penalty box door or for saying something bothers me.

Eric said...

This game could have been (or 'should have been') a UNB win, all the pieces were there. A UNB goal 5-3 in the first and stop one PK goal and the score is reversed for UNB.

UNB's PK is .825 (33/40) which is 3rd - only allowed 7 goals, but four of them were last night. Poor Structure last night.

UNB's PP is .122 (5/41) and is 7th out of 8. Too much structure - need to give up on the perfect shot and get dirty in front of the net. UPEI is .218 (almost double UNB). Interesting to see SMU with the worse PP (0.095) - might explain their 4-4-0 start (35 PP goals last year - on pace for 15 this year)

So - you get 43 shots, have good posessio time, but take too many penalites and can't score when you have PP. If the PP remains poor, they need to win 5-5 and stay out of the box.

Someone mentioned above the missed shots - yup, they probably had 65 attempts, but a ton of shots were high and wide - a few of those land and you win 6-5.

Anonymous said...

I don't like when these young kids get bashed; but that D man Densoyers is a huge liability.
Has he ever seen or learned what a d to d pass is?
All he does is rush the puck into traffic and get caught up ice; or pinch at the wrong time.
On pp he takes the lowest percentage shots - with a very weak shot at that.
I'd hate to be his d partner......
What does the coaching staff see in this guy?

However; as stated above, better to lose now then in March... remember 2 years ago...

Anonymous said...

It's probably considered a good idea to spread out the PK duties but in a tight game without either regular goalie and with a couple of early PEI PP goals, UNB could have used their top penalty killers more often. Even in an overall bad game penalty killing wise, UNB somehow killed off a two man disadvantage?

I'd also love to see our average number of penalties cut down.

Varsity Maniac said...

Hats off to Davis for stepping up. That took some serious balls. Good guy with a good attitude. Certainly not the best in the league during his days at STU, but he had very little help in front of him at the time. Have to wonder what might have been if he had been on a different team.

I actually know some members of his family from way back. Good people.

- Carl

Anonymous said...

Players who take undiscipline penalties need be held accoutable by the coaches. Not fair to Davis!

Coaches need to use entire bench! The strength is the bench. Being on specialty teams should be earned. Providing opportunities to the third and fourth line on PP will force the top 2 lines to earn the right to stay on the PP. Presntly the top 2 lines have not earned this right! Attitudes change when this right is taking away!

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully you will see that the first 2 pp units are not actually the first 2 lines but a combination of players from the first 3 lines. With the return of players there are a lot of player combinations that will be tried in the next few weeks.

I think however we would all like to see more shots on net with players looking for deflections and rebounds.

Anonymous said...

dont blame davis,he played well for not playing in 2 years.saved his ass in moncton because he only saw 8 shots in 2 periods.p.s could someone tell dave we need something different in the intermissions.getting tired of t shirt about some UNB student cheer leaders.(seriously) like they do in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to rag on anyone, but I really think this loss was Desnoyers fault. Way to many stupid penalties, getting the double for slamming the door was just dumb, and the whole time while we had a goalie who hasnt played at this level in 2 years? Plus the fact that every time he has the puck all he does is skates into traffic and dumps it down the ice? I thought Davis looked pretty good, he just needed more help up front. Kinda of supreised Denny didnt play as well, maybe the games this weekend we'll get to see Denny and hopefully not see Desnoyers.

Anonymous said...

what about the stupid penalties Shutron come no one ever has anything bad to say about him??? It takes more than one player to lose a game and if the PP doesn't improve they will probably lose more games, Desnoyers does take some dumb penalties but so does Shutron,Harty and Bailey.