Saturday, January 21, 2012

AUS Update

On Friday night UPEI beat STU 4-3 in a shootout, Dalhousie beat SMU 4-3 in overtime, and Acadia beat St. FX 4-3.

On Saturday Moncton beat STU 7-2 and SMU beat Dalhousie 6-4.

UPDATE: Acadia defeated St. FX 1-0 on Sunday afternoon to take over first place.

Right now the standings look like this: Acadia - 31 (22), Moncton - 30 points (21 games ), UNB - 30 (21), SMU - 28 (22), UPEI - 26 (21), St. FX - 15 (21), Dalhousie - 14 (21), and STU - 9 (21)


Anonymous said...

Acadia beat STFX 1-0. They are now in first place.

Jeremy M. said... has been updated.

Anonymous said...

Faceoff Report for AUS games
Player F.offs F. Won W. %
Bailey 564 324 57.4
Culligan 295 168 56.9
MacDougall 264 145 54.9
Houde-Caron 115 69 60
Clendenning 112 60 53.5
Campbell 77 35 45.4
Nesbitt 48 27 56.2
Best / Worst Individual Games
Bailey 10-4&23-10 / 7-14&11-19
Culligan 12-3&18-6 / 5-11& 9-13
MacDougall 15-5&10-4 / 5-11 & 5-10
Houde-Caron 7-0 &6-1 / 2-5 & 3-6
Clendenning 12-4&7-2 / 0-3 & 5-8

Taken from game by game stats

Jeremy M. said...

Nice work...I have been working on something similar with regards to faceoffs. I have calculated every AUS teams total stats and how each UNB player has done overall and against each team, and how each opposing player does against UNB.

UNB is by far the best faceoff team this year, while STU is by far the worst.

Jeremy M. said...

I don't know why the AUS doesn't keep track of each teams/players faceoff totals for the whole season, considering they keep track of them for every single game.

UNBFAN11 said...

a little off topic but
From 2 reliable sources with the UNB team I have been told there is a rift between players on the team over playing time, and that it is not a case of "friendly competition" I know we think of the team as being almost perfect , I myself as a UNB fan am the same way, however its times like this that you realize that the team does have "issues" and hopefully come March these problems are behind them.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Well with all of the injuries right now pretty much everyone who is able to play will be there shouldn't be any problems with playing time until the wounded come back.

But, when everyone is healthy...would this honestly surprise anyone?? There are multiple players in the stands every night who would probably be playing prominent roles on any other CIS team in the country. If this is true I hope they can get past need for any distractions/drama at this time of year.

Eric said...

Regardless of your feelings on Matt's abilities (past or present) it's either him, Jr. A. McNeil or Jr. B Bowers - you can't play a 3rd D-man or someone from Intramural/Bridges House, so pick your poison and move on. I'm of the feeling we should be damn happy to have him. We would be so hosed without him.

As for a 'rift', I'm sure there is and there probably was in other years. You will always have unhappy campers when guys have to sit who have never sat before in their career.

Last week was 5 games in 7 days, so this week they can take it easy and not worry about a bus ride on Friday.

My prediction - they have to split the ACD/DAL games, win the STU game (this Wed. night game is the game-in-hand over ACD & SMU) and a split of PEI/UdeM. I wouldn't be surprised if the UdeM game is for 2nd place and the bye. This would be a 18-8-2 for 38pts. A bit tight for 2nd, this is a solid 3rd place over the past 6-7 years - 20 wins would get 2nd for sure.

Jeremy M. said...

Of course...rifts and player's unhappiness usually come to light when the team is struggling. Nothing a few wins won't take care of.

Anonymous said...

I think two wins vs. DAL, one win against STU ... that gets them to 36 points. They need to then get 4 points from the other four games (from ACA, @ACA, @UPEI, UdeM) ... so 2-2 or 1-1-2 ... I feel 40 points gets a first round bye.

kelly section 5 said...

Hope Geordie is reading this! could not leave a comment on your blog. Great work thought. Nice to see something nice instead of bashing. Don't believe everything you "hear" or read in this section.
I recogmend reading Geordie's blog.
He'll get it right! The guys are fine!Someone else left comments here and signed Kelly, wasn't me.Also i think if you don't put your name, shouldn't be published don't hide behind the anonymous!