Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kyle Bailey and Luke Gallant

Two of our current V-Reds are moving up through the leader boards in team history.

Kyle Bailey currently sits tied for 6th all-time regular season in points, and sits alone in 6th for all-time career points.

Luke Gallant sits in 2nd in all-time regular season points for defencemen, and in 5th in all-time career points for defencemen.

Where do you think these two will end up placing at the end of the year? How would you rate Kyle Bailey compared to former captains? How about Gallant, where does he rate compared to former defencemen?

To take a look at their current standings, check here.


UNB Briuins Fan said...

It's not completely crazy to think Bailey could get into the top 3 all time for overall points and Gallant could become the top scoring D-man (but he would need a strong 2nd half and probably a long and productive playoff run).

Anonymous said...

Great players but my favs would be Mahon, Perry & Bowman.
Mahon & Perry very fan friendly with alot of personality.