Friday, January 13, 2012

SMU Defeats UNB 2-1 At the Forum

The V-Reds were defeated 2-1 by the SMU Huskies on Friday night.  Chris Culligan scored the lone goal for UNB, who were outshot 27-25 by SMU.  Dan Lacosta was in goal for UNB and was solid when called upon.  The V-Reds will look to regroup for tomorrow night's game in Antigonish vs the StFX X-Men.


Anonymous said...

Give SMU full credit for a great effort but how can the net be knocked off at least 6 times in the 2nd period whenever UNB had the pressure on or when there was a scoring chance developing without 1 delay of game penalty. Also twice in the game UNB players were basically tackled and held down for considerable time while the play left the zone with no call. We also saw a dangerous hit from behind that drew only 2 minutes.
UNB did a great job killing the 5 on 3 but when Denny came out of the penalty box he went and stood in front of his net with 2 D already playing defense instead of going to the top of the defensive box and SMU got the winning goal.
on a 5 on 4 on a shot from the open point man.
The missed chances in the 1st period and the posts came back to haunt UNB tonight.

PK said...

1-1 tie after two. SMU won the period that mattered most and deserved the win.

While UNB has scored a ton this year, they certainly lead the league in missed chances - sometimes snakebitten in close.

I am flabbergasted at the number of goals disallowed, and the ridiculous number of times net came off last night. It is almost hard to believe what has happened the last three games.

Anonymous said...

UNB had to defend the end of the rink with the supposedly defective net for two periods and the net only came off once if I'm not mistaken.

The radio announcers were actually taken by surprise twice when they thought SMU was getting a penalty only to see UNB get the nod. I watched the game but listened to the radio on my computer.

The SMU players must be working in practice on some other skills as well. O'Donnell might have completed a 360 on the tripping call on Denny.

PK is 100% correct. It's hard to believe the number of missed opportunities and disallowed goals in the last few games. UNB should be due to break out!

Anonymous said...

Wiebe looked very good.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Another 0-fer for the power only 0.1% ahead of league-worst Dal. That continues to dumbfound a team with as much talent as UNB can struggle so mightily on the PP.

Anonymous said...