Saturday, January 14, 2012

UNB Falls to St. FX 5-4 in Shootout

The UNB Varsity Reds rallied from a three goal second period deficit before falling 5-4 in a shootout to the St. FX X-Men Saturday night in Antigonish.

The X-Men got off to a quick start and took a 1-0 lead thanks to a Michael Kirkpatrick (Bast, McAvoy) powerplay goal just over two minutes in. UNB was able to tie it up after a beautiful individual effort by Shayne Wiebe (Culligan, Desnoyers), who eluded a defenceman and beat X goalie Joey Perricone for his first career CIS goal. St. FX restored their lead just over three minutes later, again on the power play, when a Jason Bast point shot deflected in front and Kirkpatrick banged home the rebound for his second goal of the game. Shots in the first period favoured UNB 7-6.

The second period did not start out well for the V-Reds as St. FX took advantage of some fortunate plays to take a 4 - 1 lead. First, Stephen Simms collected a pass from Jarred Struthers just as he was coming out of the penalty box and beat Dan LaCosta on a bad angle shot that may have surprised the UNB goaltender. This was followed by a Gabriel O'Connor (Morrison, MacLellan) point shot that deflected off of a UNB player in front and into the top corner. This prompted UNB head coach Gardiner MacDougall to call a timeout. The strategy seemed to pay off as Chad Denny pulled UNB within two goals at 14:47 of the period with a blast from the blue line off of a Tayler MaDougall faceoff win to the right of Perricone. Bretton Stamler also picked up an assist on the play. UNB would get the equalizer with 11 seconds left in the period on almost the exact same play, only this time it was Stamler who benefited from a Kyle Bailey face-off victory. Shots in the second period were 13-10 for UNB.

The V-Reds came out strong in the third period and were finally rewarded with the game tying goal at 13:14 after a good shift forced the X-Men to start running around in their own zone. Luke Gallant received the puck from Chris Culligan, faked a shot from the point, and found Wiebe at the side of the net, who put it past an out of position Perricone for his second goal of the night. UNB out-shot the X-Men 11-9 in the third period.

There was no scoring in overtime as UNB was forced to kill off two penalties back to back. Shots were 6-4 for X in OT and 35-31 for UNB overall in the game.

In the shootout Michael Kirkpatrick and Kevin Undershute were able to solve LaCosta after Jason Bast was stopped on X's first try. Kyle Bailey and Thomas Nesbitt were unable to beat Perricone.

UNB will try to rebound from a 0-1-1 weekend on Wednesday when they head to the LBR to face the St. Thomas Tommies in another edition of the "Battle of the Hill".

Click here to read the game story from the St. FX Athletics site.


Anonymous said...

A good comeback after down 4-1 in the 2nd. End up getting 6 points off SMU games (3-1) and 7 points off STFX games (3-0-1) on the season so coming into year everyone would have taken that. Need to take care of STU and DAL (giving them 8 more points) and then beat a UPEI team that they have a 0-1-1 record against - at least once (say 2-3 more points if they go 1-1 or 1-0-1). That leaves two Acadia games and two Moncton games. Looks like if the above plays out and they can get at least 4-5 points from these 4 games, they most likely get 1st with 42-44 points.

Anonymous said...

1 weak goal and 1 lucky deflection in a fairly short span last night did UNB in. Liked how UNB fought back to tie the game however.

The long stretch passes when short open passes are available aren't really working for UNB and create too many defensive zone faceoffs.

Since he's gotten a lot of heat I'd like to say that after an early miscue that he hustled back to make up for, Desnoyers had a solid game for UNB and was very good on several penalty kills. On the other hand I find one of our D trying to do too much on his own at times instead of using his teammates.

Critical games coming up for UNB and there don't appear to be any easy games in the schedule despite the standings if you look at recent results.

Anonymous said...

weak goal and lucky deflection?UNB has pleny of these but you guys say nice

Anonymous said...

I said weak goal because the X player, Simms I think, should not be able to score from that angle and because the deflected shot off a shin or other body part went perfectly into the top corner I think.
How are there not assists on Wiebe's 1st goal? The puck was passed up to centre ice and a nice cross ice pass sent him into the X zone before he scored.

PK said...

A few losses in tight games will do UNB good. I believe they are the class of the league, but there are too many good teams to not play 100% and win.

UNB is not performing to their talent level, with rookies often leading the way. That is great for the future but veterans need to elevate their games.

We all like to point to refs, lucky breaks, etc when our team loses -- but a loss is a loss and those calls more often than not even out over the year. Part of the game so suck it up.

tango said...

i'm surprised no one asked about harty,lee,corcoran,wright. why aren't they playing? they got us this far. what i saw was that they were not"clicking". No chemistry! Are there injurys? Let us know instead of us being ugly because better players are sitting out.I know gardiner doesn't want the competetion knowing the injury but "injured" helps ease the pain.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

I assume Harty was still out because of his fight last weekend...there is no way they would take him out of the lineup unless they absolutely had to.

Wright is injured and in the case of Lee/Corcoran it basically comes down to the fact that there are better players that can fill those roles right now who deserve to be in the lineup.

I do agree about the chemistry thing though...something just seems 'off' with UNB right now. Obviously the league is better than it ever has been but UNB doesn't seem to have "it" right now, like they have had the last couple of years. It is almost like they have too many top-end players (as crazy as that sounds) and not enough grinder/foot soldier types that every team needs. I said it before but I really think they miss Seymour, maybe more than anyone would have thought. Right now I am not overly optimistic about their chances this year...and I certainly wouldn't say they are the best team in the country at the moment.

And is it just me but does UNB seem to take an inordinate amount of icings every game? I know they like to use the stretch pass but there were a couple of times when they would dump it in just outside the centre line when no defender was around them...just little plays like that that shouldn't happen.

Dale said...

You bruin fool, if some of these players like the one's that were mentioned in an earlier post, were replaced with the veteran players that helped win championships, they would be better off. They aren't better players! Dummy!!!

Anonymous said...

harty played last aturday night,am i missing something?i didnt see him fight,infact,i beleive he assisted on baileys winning goal....

David Kilfoil said...

Jonathan Harty and Ben Wright are injured (not disclosed) and didn't make the trip to Nova Scotia on the weekend.

Chad Denny, who seemed to be challenged at time by SMU's speed, and received a questionable penalty when the "victim" embellished the play, looked much better against X. And his goal? Not a chance for Perricone as he hammered the one-timer.

Anonymous said...

How did Shutron play?

Anonymous said...

Can they get someone to come in and show them how to run a pp. Playing Bailey to death isn't working. What are the other teams doing that are successful?
And not that Bruin dude please!

UNB Bruins Fan said...

Dale - So if you would like Lee (6 points in 13 games)/Corcoran (2 in 11)/Lynes (2 in 6)/Shutron (2 in 11) in the lineup who do you take out??? MacDougall (10 in 13)? MacNeil (8 in 13)? Todd (4 in 10)? The guys who are out of the lineup haven't exactly produced, atleast points-wise, in the games they have played. Lee might be the only guy who I would think about sticking in there.

By the way....Corcoran/Lynes/Shutron didn't play in Nationals last year and Lee hardly got any ice time. They weren't the reasons they won.

UNB Bruins Fan said...

I agree they do need to do something about the PP. They can hardly get the puck set up in the zone half of the time. Are they too predictable when trying to get the puck in or once they get set up? Do they try to do too much individually? They need to try something different/new plays because it is obvious what they doing isn't working. It seems they spend more time in the neutral zone or their own end.

David Kilfoil said...

Ben Shutron was the second coming of Harty in the Saint Mary's game, and just missed scoring in the 1st period after a nice rush. He had a lot of jump.

Taylor MacDougall got UNB back in the X game with two key faceoff draws back to Stamler that both resulted in goals -- one by Denny and one by Stamler.

Taylor was UNB's best faceoff man against X, while Bailey was not so good, yet Kyle was tops against SMU. Go figure.

The power play, ya, it's awful. They're trying different combos and plays, but still no success.

As for Lynes, he's had another concussion, in one of the games against Ottawa I believe. He was behind the bench on the NS road trip. Hopefully he'll get to play again. We've seen too many players have their careers ended.

Anonymous said...

Bruin Fool, who are you foolin boy. 11 games for this guy, 10 games for that guy. How many minutes did they actually play? Maybe 2-3 shifts per game vs T Mac for instance with 10-15 shifts a game. All fans aren't that stupid.
Who ya fooling, fool?

Anonymous said...

I see UNB as being a "Puck possession" team. They have several excellent puck carrying forwards and defense. I would love to see them use that skill even more often. I can't remember one long stretch pass that has resulted in a goal this year but I can remember hundreds of icing calls.

As far as faceoffs go, some centers seem to match up very well against certain opposing centers and teams. It would be interesting to see the faceoff percentages for the league games so far this year. Volunteeer anybody?

In regards to our power play, if we still call it that, I would love to see more traffic in front of the net and quick release shots from our D. Just get them on net and forget picking corners. Look at the 2 quick release shots and goals by Denny and Stamler in the X game.

Anonymous said...

From Jan. 15 How are there not assists on Wiebe's 1st goal? The puck was passed up to centre ice and a nice cross ice pass sent him into the X zone before he scored.

The AUS boxscore has been corrected and updated.

Jeremy M. said...

Thanks for the heads up on the change to the Wiebe goal, I updated the post.

I thought it was strange as well that it was originally listed as an unassisted goal, but I go with the AUS site on any stat.

If I am really ambitious I might try to tackle the faceoff numbers.

Anonymous said...

Losing the draw on the PP kills 30 secs. Not making a good first pass out of the zone kills 30 secs. A power play requires 4 or 5 pass and move plays with support and a shot. Coaches watch the Vancouver Canucks PP. Time to make whole sale player changes on the PP as they are not getting it done. Players presently on the PP have not earned the right to stay on the PP. Too many good offensive players sitting on the bench.

All strong PK teams force the puck carrier. If you allow good offensive players time and space they capitalze. Top PK teams in the NHL force all over the ice.

Anonymous said...

Get Bailey off the pp!