Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ALUMNI UPDATE: Tremblay Rookie Scouting Report

This season the Oklamhoma City Barons blog Copper and Blue has been doing scouting reports on various Edmonton Oilers rookies and today Neal Livingston looks at former Varsity Red Hunter Tremblay.

As the article mentions Tremblay began the season on the bottom two lines, being relied on to play sound defense, kill penalties, and chip in the odd goal. However, after scoring 4 shorthanded goals (and adding 2 assists) in the first half of the season, to go along with 5 goals in his last 8 games, Tremblay has recently been promoted to one of the scoring lines.

Says Livingston:
The nitty gritty on Tremblay is that he is about as versatile of a rookie as a minor leaguer gets. To play two different types of hockey roles in your first pro ice time is just remarkable. At 5'11" he's a tad under-sized, but again he makes up for it with that quick start. He's smart with the puck, and even better away from it. Defensively speaking he has positional soundness that you almost assume is atypical of four year collegiate forwards that make the jump to full-time pro. Can you tell that I really like this player?
He goes on to say:
With quiet consistency, Hunter Tremblay is becoming a very good hockey player. Young, but well worn. Skilled, but still learning. Keep your eyes on number 36 as the season winds down and the AHL playoffs begin. He's a rookie worth watching.
Check out the full article here, it is definitely worth the read.