Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Varsity Reds Survive Injury Problems

In today's Halifax Metro Christopher Cameron, writing for the Canadian Press, discusses the injury-filled season UNB had this year, specifically mentioning the almost humorous (in hindsight) mid-season goalie carousel the V-Reds had to overcome. Head coach Gardiner MacDougall summed it up this way:
"In 12 years I don't think we've had an injury (to a goaltender) and this year we had double injuries for both goaltenders. We've had to use about seven or eight goalies in practice this year and I give full credit to Matty Davis. There's a guy that hadn't played in three years at this level. He brought something to our group and got us a key win in Moncton and a key point at Acadia and when you look at the difference in the standings, those three points were big for us."
You can check out the entire article here.