Monday, March 26, 2012

The Aftermath

There is plenty to talk about as the offseason officially begins today. Here is what graduating players Kyle Bailey and Luke Gallant, as well as head coach Gardiner MacDougall, had to say in the wake of the team's 3-2 to Western on Saturday afternoon. All quotes from the March 26th edition of the Daily Gleaner unless otherwise stated.

Kyle Bailey:

"It’s tough right now. Obviously, we’ve done some incredible things over the past five years and one of those things has been you develop an expectancy. I’m sure that there are lots of teams out there that are dancing around happy that we lost right now but in our dressing room we expected to win. It didn’t happen today…it’s disappointing and I’m not sure I have an answer."

Luke Gallant:

"The big thing it comes down to at this time of year is execution and when you look back at the game, personally, I just feel like I didn’t execute well enough. You look around the (dressing) room and it hurts. Like Kyle said, you’re expected to win here. When you don’t, you haven’t completed your objective."

"It's just difficult to sit next to these two guys (Bailey and Jordan Clendenning) develop friendships and, looking around the (dressing) room, it hurts."

Head Coach Gardiner MacDougall:

"Sometimes you can use adversity for an advantage. We certainly had adversity throughout the regular season but we didn’t have that raw energy we needed. We probably didn’t get that... probably ‘til about the 48-minute mark... It was kind of a forced energy... We’re a team that wants to put pucks low, have foot races and have puck possession off faceoffs. Give full credit to our opponents. On faceoffs, we’re usually a 60 per cent team and we didn’t do that tonight. We didn’t jump on enough loose pucks. We didn’t quite get our forecheck established." (quote from CIS recap)

"We’ve had an unbelievably positive experience at CIS Nationals but if you go to the CIS Nationals’ well enough times, you’re going to have some heartbreaks. That’s life in CIS hockey."

"Kyle will be one of the legends of our program. No on who’ll put the red and white on will be more passionate about being successful at UNB. Kyle’s been amazing. He’s overachieved here. His legacy will live on here as long as anyone in that room is still playing, because he brought so much to the group. And every player who played under him will bring some of that Kyle Bailey passion."

"The recruiting will start tomorrow (Sunday) for us - we start a day early this year - if we can get him (4th year forward Jordan Clendenning) into our MBA program, because he brings so much passion and leadership"

(Photo credit - Andrew Meade for The Brunswickan)