Friday, March 23, 2012

Aigles Bleus Stay Alive With Big Win Over Huskies

The Universite de Moncton needed to win by at least 3 goals today in order to have a chance at advancing to Sunday's final, and they did one better, defeating the Canada West champion Saskatchewan Huskies 5-1 this afternoon before a sold-out crowd at the AUC.

Matthew Delahey got the Huskies out to a good start with a goal just over two minutes in but it was all Moncton after that, with the exception of a stretch in the middle half of the second period when Saskatchewan made a push to get back in the game. The Aigles Bleus received first period goals from Eric Faille (shorthanded) and Samual Groulx, a second period tally from Francis Rochon, and third period markers from Simon Lacroix, who made a nice move coming out of the corner to get around a defender before putting it past Huskie goalie David Reekie for what is the goal of the tournament so far, and Faille, who scored his second of the game with just 31 seconds left. Shots were 30-21 in favour of Moncton.

Delahey and Moncton goalie Pierre-Alexandre Marion were named the players of the game for tehir respective teams.

The final goal may have been insignificant in terms of the outcome of the game but it could prove to be a huge one for Moncton as they are now +1 in goal differential, which is used as the first tie-breaker. Here is how the scenarios should look for tomorrow's McGill/Sakatchewan game:

- McGill advances to the finals with a win, or a loss by one goal. If McGill loses by two goals they would be +1 as well and it would go to the next tie-breaker, which is goal average. In short the team who plays in the lowest scoring games would move on. For example, if McGill loses 2-0 their total goals for/against would be 6-5 and they would advance over Moncton's 8-7. If McGill loses 4-2 they would be 8-7 as well and they go to the next tiebreaker, which is penalty shots (yes, really, penalty shots). 5-3 or greater means Moncton advances.
- Moncton advances with a Saskatchewan win by 3 or 4 goals.
- Saskatchewan advances with a win by 6 goals. If they win by 5 they would be +1 along with Moncton and the same scenario as above applies. 5-0 or 6-1 gives the edge to the Huskies, 7-2 results in penalty shots, 8-3 or greater favours Moncton.

CIS math...gotta love it!