Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"You may not think about it, but athletes are still human"

In today's Brunswickan Christopher Cameron attempts to put UNB's loss to Western in perspective, noting the pressure and unreasonable expectations placed on the players. Cameron writes:
Winning was a requirement or everyone jumped on them. Not only did they expect to be victorious, but I expected it, the media expected it, the community expected it...The Fredericton community seemed to believe the only thing the team could do was win a national championship...When that didn’t happen the men on that team did not know how to respond. They were broken. They let down themselves, their coach, their school, and their city.
He goes on to compare the situation these student-athletes face with that of other amateur athletes in this country, notably the World Junior hockey team and Canadian curlers. We expect them to handle the pressure of an entire city or country and if they don't win gold it is considered a failure but, as Cameron concludes, we need to remember that these athletes are just normal people like the rest of us and not superhuman.