Monday, April 2, 2012

Kyle Bailey and Luke Gallant: Their Place In History

Here is how graduating players Kyle Bailey and Luke Gallant stack up compared to past UNB players in a number of categories:

  • GAMES PLAYED: 138 regular season (2nd overall, 1st among skaters), 29 playoffs (t-3rd), 11 Nationals (t-3rd), 178 overall (t-1st, 1st among skaters)
  • GOALS: 65 regular season (6th), 14 playoffs (4th), 5 Nationals (t-1st), 84 overall (4th)
  • ASSISTS: 88 regular season (t-5th), 10 playoffs (t-18th), 8 Nationals (t-1st), 106 overall (t-4th)
  • POINTS: 153 regular season (5th), 24 playoffs (t-8th), 13 Nationals (1st), 190 overall (3rd)
  • GAMES PLAYED: 124 regular season (t-8th, 3rd among defencemen), 11 Nationals (t-3rd), 156 overall (7th, 3rd among defencemen)
  • GOALS: 2 Nationals (t-17th overall, 4th among defencemen)
  • ASSISTS: 83 regular season (7th, 3rd among defencemen), 7 Nationals (t-1st, 1st among defencemen), 96 overall (7th, 1st among defencemen)
  • POINTS: 106 regular season (t-21st, 3rd among defencemen), 9 Nationals (4th, 1st among defencemen), 124 overall (t-16th overall, t-1st among defencemen)
  • PENALTY MINUTES: 24 Nationals (3rd, 2nd among defencemen)

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