Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Critchlow Suspended Five Games

UPDATE: Here is a video of the hit. Special thanks to Jamie Tozier of the always-excellent Sea Dogs blog Station Nation for making us aware of it. From the replay it certainly appears Critchlow leaves his feet and targets O'Keefe's upper body/head area.

UPDATE: The AUS press release can be found here. It does note that Critchlow has the right to appeal the decision.

It appears that the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds will be without the services of forward Cameron Critchlow for the remainder of the season as sources indicate he has been suspended five games for his hit to the head of Saint Mary's defenseman Patrick O'Keefe during game two of the AUS Finals. The Varsity Reds have, at most, five games remaining in the season (2 playoffs, 3 University Cup). Although there was no penalty awarded on the play the league reviewed the hit and declared it illegal, with Critchlow leaving his feet before making contact with O'Keefe's head. When determining the length of the suspension the AUS undoubtedly took into consideration the fact that Critchlow is a repeat offender, as he was also suspended for game 3 of the UPEI series after receiving a game misconduct for a hit to the head in game 2.