Saturday, November 29, 2014

AUS Wraps Up 1st Half

The AUS finished up the pre-Christmas portion of their schedule tonight with a pair of games. In Charlottetown UPEI easily handled St. Thomas 5-1 and St. FX traveled to Halifax and came away with a 4-2 win over Dalhousie. So heading into the break standings look like this:

1) UNB: 12-2-2 = 26 points
2) Saint Mary's: 12-3-1 = 25 points
3) Acadia: 12-3-1 = 25 points
4) St. FX: 10-5-1 = 21 points
5) UPEI: 7-7-2 = 16 points
6) Moncton: 6-8-2 = 14 points
7) Dalhousie: 4-11-1 = 9 points
8) St. Thomas:1-12-3 = 5 points

Looking ahead, it appears that UNB has a little bit of an easier schedule than Saint Mary's and Acadia moving forward. The Varsity Reds play every team twice except for 2nd place Saint Mary's and 4th place St. FX, who they both play once and at home. They have 7 out of their final 12 games at the AUC.

On the other hand, the Huskies play 7 out of their first 8 games of the 2nd half on the road and play every team twice except for 1st place UNB and 6th place Moncton. The Axemen , like UNB, also play 7 out of their 12 2nd half games at home, but have already played 5th place UPEI and 8th place St. Thomas 3 times.

Looking at it another way, over each team's final 12 games the Varsity Reds opponents have a combined record of 82-90-20, good for a 0.479 winning percentage. Meanwhile, the Huskies face teams with a combined 86-86-20 record (0.500 winning percentage) and the Axemen face teams with a combined 96-77-19 record (0.549 winning percentage).