Saturday, August 8, 2020

Roster Questions Answered

Bruce Hallihan's recent article in the Daily Gleaner (subscription required) helped bring some clarity to the Reds 2020-2021 roster situation.

As you may recall in our post last month about the recruitment of forward Isaac Nurse, we noted that this gave the Reds 23 skaters on their roster - one above the maximum allowed cap of 22 - and speculated that there may be an unannounced departure. Hallihan confirmed that this is indeed the case as forward Ben Hawerchuk will not return for his sophomore season, instead opting to stay home in Ontario as his father - Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuk - battles a recurrence of cancer. He joins forwards Stephen Anderson, Patrick Watling, and Mark Simpson as well as defencemen Marcus McIvor and Matt Murphy as those not returning. However, forward Oliver Cooper will be back for his 5th and final season of eligibility. 

This is how the roster looks as of today. It includes 22 skaters (15 forwards + seven defencemen) and three goaltenders:

5TH YEAR (1)
F - Oliver Cooper

4TH YEAR (6)
G - Rylan Parenteau 
F - Tyler Boland
F - Kris Bennett
F - Alexandre Goulet
D - Tristan Pomerleau
D - Olivier LeBlanc

3RD YEAR (6)
F - Mark Rassell
F - Matthew Boucher
F - Samuel Dove-McFalls
F - James McEwan
D - Joe Gatenby
D - Noah Carroll

2ND YEAR (6)
G - Samuel Harvey
G - Tanner Somers
F - Brady Gilmour
F - Dylan Seitz
D - Connor Hall
D - Benjamin Gagne

1ST YEAR (6)
F - Austen Keating
F - Nicolas Guay
F - Jason Willms
F - Macauley Carson
F - Isaac Nurse
D - Kade Landry

Alberta Reinstates Hockey Programs

The University of Alberta's request to reinstate their Golden Bears and Pandas hockey teams for the upcoming 2020-2021 season - should there be one - has been approved by Canada West, it was announced this past week.

The school had announced in June that they were withdrawing from conference competition for the 2020-2021 season in two-term sports - hockey, volleyball, and basketball - due to financial constraints. However, thanks to support from alumni the school applied to reinstate their hockey programs. They did not make a request to reinstate the other two sports. 

The conference has already cancelled fall semester competition with a decision regarding the winter semester coming no later October 8th.